Customer service is our number one priority..  To achieve that, lapesa relies on logistical structures that enable our products to be delivered to our customers in optimal conditions.

The firm has a fleet of trucks equipped with cranes that make logistics operations easier and increase our product supply and delivery options.

The quality of our products, together with our excellent customer service, has enabled lapesa to establish itself as a leader in its sector in Spain and to occupy prominent positions and recognition in foreign markets from South America to New Zealand.

Most of the multinational petrochemical companies and firms related to this sector are customers of ours as well as national and international construction companies, large buying groups in the heating and DHW sector as well as numerous distributing and installing firms have placed, from the very beginning, their confidence in us thanks to our ability to respond to their specific needs and requirements.

The efforts made over the last 25 years to expand our business horizons to international markets can be seen in the diversity of markets and countries where the firm now operates and lapesa’s worldwide recognition as a brand name of quality and service.

Countries where lapesa has the greatest presence: EEC countries, Eastern Europe, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Maghreb, South Africa, Central Africa, Russia, South America, Central America, New Zealand.