DHW - Domestic Hot Water

DHW - Domestic Hot Water

Domestic hot water (DHW) is defined as heated drinking water, intended for human consumption for sanitary purposes (bathroom, shower...) and cleaning (dishwasher, washing machine, sink, floors ...).

At the present time the legal concept that regulates the potability and quality of water intended for human consumption in Europe is based on the Directive 98/83/EC of the Council of 3rd November 1998, regarding the water quality for human consumption and which establishes the minimum sanitary criteria.

Throughout the different geographical areas, we can find very varied drinking water qualities, whose values, contents and origins directly affect the operation and durability of the equipment of the DHW facilities and in particular

the storage tanks and heat exchange systems. It is therefore of vital importance, the correct choice of all the equipment of the installation to achieve the necessary guarantees, with products of proven quality.

Regarding the storage cylinders for DHW manufacture, it is mandatory to ensure the "Food Grade" of the storage tank, that is, the use of materials and/or coatings in contact with DHW, which do not emit toxic substances into the water, as per Regulation CE 1935/2004.

Our storage tanks, series "GEISER INOX" and "MASTER INOX", are entirely manufactured in stainless steel, which is a noble material already considered as "Food Grade".

Our “CORAL VITRO” and “MASTER VITRO” series are manufactured in carbon steel coated with a porcelain vitreous enamel, applied at 800ºC, with “Food Grade” coating certification at 120ºC.

For the special tanks manufacture, in large capacity or high working pressures, which for generally budgetary project reasons, cannot be made of stainless steel, we use an epoxy coating applied in carbon steel tanks, which also has a "Food Grade" certificate, with a maximum DHW working or storage temperature of 75ºC.

Regulations / Documentation

Directive 98/83/CE


EC Regulation 1935/2004