INERTIA storage tanks for closed circuits

INERTIA storage tank

Inertia storage tanks for closed heating or cooling circuits, which act as an energy management system of the installation. Models with or without internal exchanger, and models with their own thermal stratification system, complete our range GEISER/MASTER INERTIA, from 30 to 6000 liters of storage capacity.

For installations where proper energy management is required, especially for systems that use renewable energy sources, such as BIOMASS, HEAT PUMP or SOLAR ENERGY. Designed for an extraordinary energy storage capacity, which translates directly into real savings. The extra-thick, rigid, mould-injected PU thermal insulation maintains the DHW storage temperature over long periods of time without requiring any additional energy input. This means less start-ups and adjustments of external energy sources, with less energy consumption and economic saving.

The GEISER INERTIA 800 and 1000 litre models are designed with a detachable insulation system on the two opposite sides of the tank to allow them to pass through 800 mm wide accesses.

Our “MASTER INERTIA” storage tanks are designed for easy handling and transport to the place of installation. They have an integrated system for handling and transporting by forklift truck, which facilitates handling operations enormously, as there is no need to palletize the product which, given its weight and size, would make handling difficult.

Models with an integrated THERMAL STRATIFICATION system, which allow an adequate energy management and its optimization for each specific use, at the lowest economic cost!
30 to 1000 liters
Individual or battery installation
Solar energy installations
Installations with biomass boiler
Heat pump installations
Combined energy storage installations
Cooling installations
1500 to 6000 liters
Individual or battery installation
Energy storage and distribution facilities
Centralised solar thermal energy systems
Centralised systems with heat pump
Centralised systems with biomass boiler
Centralised instantaneous DHW production systems
Centralised combined energy storage systems
Cooling installations


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