Stainless steel double wall tanks: Nothing but advantages!

Stainless steel double wall tanks: Nothing but advantages!

Opersting principle: Water contained in the surrounding tank (or primary tank) is heated by an external energy source (boiler, heat pump, solar collectors, etc.) that passes through this vessel and transmits its thermal energy to the water contained in the inner tank or DHW storage tank.

LONG-LASTING PRODUCT: Nickel-chromium-molybdenum austenitic AISI 316 L STAINLESS STEEL, highly resistant to pitting caused by halogen elements such as chlorine in drinking water. This is the material used to manufacture all of the models in our “GEISER INOX” series.

SELF-CLEANING EFFECT: Corrugated design of the DHW storage tank, in constant vertical movement depending on the fluctuations in the internal pressure, which helps to detach any limescale from the walls. 

ANTI LEGIONELLA DESIGN: Totally uniform DHW storage temperature, with no cold zones inside the storage tank. The surround heating of DHW produces a uniform water storage temperature throughout the whole of the tank, which in turn allows it to be used to its full capacity.

MAINTENANCE-FREE: DHW tank without any internal heat exchange elements. It does not require cathodic protection in normal drinking water conditions. The models with electric heating have the heating element in the primary circuit so there is no risk of corrosion or lime scale.

LARGE DHW PRODUCTION CAPACITY: The heat exchange area is that of the total surface area of the DHW storage tank. 

MAXIMUM STORAGE CAPACITY: Extra thick, rigid, PU mould injected insulation that minimizes heat losses of stored DHW.